Gremillion Leather

 Santa Fe Leather Clothing and Accessories

Tiffany Gremillion, member of the American Crafts Council, offers elegantly bohemian leather creations—each one unconventional and supremely unique. With her twenty years of experience in the craft, Gremillion creates artisanal designs with unparalleled skill and limitless imagination. Her men’s jackets and document carriers feature simple, rugged tailoring and the handsome sensuality of fine leather. Her women’s coats, bolero jackets, dresses, pants, purses, and imaginative tops showcase meticulous sinew embroidery in tribal and floral motifs.

The look and feel of these silk-lined garments access a hidden side in every wearer. In a Gremillion piece, your rebellious nature is called forth, your inner mountain woman emerges. In addition, the warmth and beauty of a Gremillion clutch or satchel distinguishes its carrier and projects an aesthetic that is at once untamed and classic.

Working with materials that range from slinky calf suede to sturdy buffalo leather, Gremillion is inspired by her raw materials. Each one-of-a-kind hide ignites her imagination and initiates a design process centered on the unique drape, color, and texture of that piece. She cuts, stitches, braids, embroiders, and sculpts each piece into a phenomenal creation that is always a work of art in its own right. Each garment delights the senses with its quality and hand-crafted beauty, while speaking volumes about its wearer.

Tiffany’s expert craftsmanship emerged through early apprenticeship with masters and a long-standing love of quality handwork. She dedicates herself to comfort, beauty, and originality while producing garments whose technical precision is simply unparalleled. Taking thematic concepts from Mongolian, Native American, and other tribal cultures, her embroidery focuses on natural patterns with a floral, feminine touch.

Gremillion creates her work in a quaint, wood-stove warmed studio among the verdant foothills above Santa Fe, New Mexico. There, the wild landscape and scent of freshly tanned hides provides constant inspiration for this dedicated mountain woman, artist, and couturier.